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Living with Gastric Bypass

As a teenager a half an order of french fries was sufficient for a full days diet. I don't remember liking to eat back then. Now that I'm nearing fifty years old, the last twenty years have been very different from the first twenty years.

When I realized I needed gastric bypass was when I felt uncomfortable bending over. Most people didn't think I was as large as the scale represented, some trulyrawgourmet.com/ibgard-reviews.html. My BMI (Body Mass index) was high enough to qualify for Bariatric surgery and I was thrilled. This was my chance to do something about a problem, that if persisted, could cause a lot of problems down the road and maybe sooner.

Since the surgery I have never felt better. As the nurse said when I woke up after surgery, "You saved your life honey". What did she mean by that? I didn't feel like I was dying when I decided to do this surgery. I did it because it was something I could do to help myself get a grip on what could be a much more serious condition. Saying you're obese is not easy. Saying you were obese is not any easier. Gastric bypass did truly save my life.

Living with gastric bypass is not that hard. I heard the horror stories about the lack of food and possible dehydration. It's nothing like they warned me. I guess it could be bad for some people but it wasn't bad for me. I have to eat much less or I have a lot of pain in my chest. The pain of eating something too hard to pass through the now narrow tube to your stomach is pain similiar to a heart attack. The first time I had that crushing pain hit was when I took a whole bite of salmon. Kathy, chew your food, I said to myself.

When they say you need to chew, chew, chew, they're not kidding. Living with bariatric surgery means an endless amount of chewing. I find I don't like the taste of food when it's been chewed to oblivia. That alone helps reduce some calories because I find myself spitting it out if I have chewed a lot. I know that sounds sick but it works for me. I take my vitamins, and for sure I get my protein. I'm doing fine and losing weight quickly. Living with gastric bypass has been a dream come true.